Assess your Risk of Online Fraud

If you have difficulty answering the questions below, or if you answer ‘no’ or ‘none’, you should increase your awareness of fraud and improve fraud-related business processes.

  1. What fraud prevention and monitoring procedures do you have in place?
  2. Do you have a policy that outlines how the business treats the issue of fraud?
  3. How much money and customer trust could you lose to fraud before your business is seriously crippled?
  4. Do you let customers know that orders will be authenticated to rule out fraud?
  5. Do you manually check each suspicious order/customer profile?
  6. Who monitors and analyzes fraud related activity, and who follows up on suspicious orders?
  7. Are relevant employees in your business aware of fraud warning signs and how to report them?
  8. Do you keep records of customer transactions?
  9. Do you keep records of order statistics for individual stock items/services?
  10. Do you know which countries/areas are considered high-risk for online fraud?