How to Lose a Million Dollars (or not): a merchant’s guide to online fraud protection

When someone is deceptive or misrepresents the truth to get things they’re not entitled to, they’re committing fraud. Unfortunately, this has always been a problem for the business community.

Now, with the advent of ecommerce, merchants who trade online need to be aware of the potential for loss through fraud. Anyone who conducts online transactions is at risk, including those using osCommerce. But there are warning signs you can look out for and steps you can take to minimize that risk.

This guide is relevant to anyone starting out in ecommerce or for the seasoned ecommerce merchant who wants to learn more about the risks they face.

The risk of fraud shouldn’t scare you off ecommerce. Our aim is to help you become more aware and protect yourself. If you have money, there’s no shortage of people around the world who will steal it from you in any number of ways. But obviously many merchants are successful in spite of this. The key is to be aware of how your business could be threatened and reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.