All About Online Fraud Prevention

Anyone conducting online transactions runs a risk of being defrauded. This guide outlines specific things you can look out for and steps you can take to minimize that risk.

Attitude’s Online Fraud Guide is a PDF whitepaper developed to educate online merchants on the issue of online fraud.

To give the guide more exposure, the content of the PDF has been launched as a website.

A fraud by definition is an action meant to deceive others fraught with the victim suffering losses. All legal entities are subject to online fraud risks and may lead up to the bankruptcy of an entire organization or least its broken reputation with all the possible consequences followed. There are cases when using spyware is not considered as a fraudulent action: in case the spyware is installed on devices owned by the company, something offered by a number of vendors, for example cell phone monitor.

You can still download the PDF guide from any page on the site.

The guide is no more available in the original location: Attitude’s Simple osCommerce Guides. The document distribution and citation is only allowed with a reference to the current website.