Hints to Help Identify Online Fraud: things to watch out for

It’s important to watch for common signs of fraud. Though the circumstances below often apply to honest customers, they can also be indicators of illegal activity.

Pay closer attention to orders that are …

  • Unusually large
  • Shipping to an address that isn’t the billing address
  • Shipping to countries you don’t normally ship to (especially if in high-risk areas)
  • Shipping multiple identical items
  • Unable to pass an address verification process
  • Out of the ordinary in any way
  • Example of Fraudulent Order

    Pay closer attention to customers who:

  • Use an anonymous/free email address (like hotmail.com)
  • Supply a non-existent or under-construction website address
  • Use a disconnected or changed telephone number
  • Supply a fake-sounding physical address (such as 123 Side Street) or only a post office box number
  • Want shipping as quickly as possible at any price
  • Do not pass credit or identity checks
  • Don’t make immediate full payment
  • Are first time buyers
  • Example of a Potentially Fraudulent Customer Request

    Pay closer attention to credit card numbers that:

  • Generate multiple orders over a short time span, especially if each order ships to a different address
  • Are one of several card numbers shipping to the same address